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Revenue and Billing Solutions Tailored to Your Needs


Workflow Analysis

Bottlenecks in your billing processes cause untimely filings and lost revenue. We can analyze and pinpoint these and recommend a custom staffing or technical solution.

Revenue Cycle Deep Dive

Our 30+ years of experience helps us pinpoint the root causes of lost revenue.

Not a Cookie Cutter

It's vital you keep the elements in your medical billing that work, and eliminate those that don't. Sometimes that means we recommend a "blended" solution where responsibilities are shared and transparency achieved.

Do You Have the Right Tools?

Challenges come from processes, people or the tools they are given. We can help you discern and untangle all these elements on our way to a solution designed just for you.

Add New Patient Services to Increase Revenue

We share information about the latest trends - value based care, bundled payments, chronic care management, telemedicine/telehealth - and show you how your practice can thrive.