Ask us about carrier contract negotiating, procedure pre-auth services and more!!

Our consulting helps implement new revenue strategies

Coverage Discovery


Find the 3% to 10% of primary and secondary coverages not revealed by patients that appear to be self pay. Automated monthly checking of Medicaid enrollment for up to one year after the date of service.

Day of Service Collections


Maximize your DOS collections with the right "card on file" strategy. Reduce AR, slash statement costs.

Carrier Contract Negotiations


We know their game! Fees based on the additional reimbursement gained.

Achieving High Claim Acceptance


Consulting to implement linkage between denials and front end edits to stop repeat mistakes.

Find the Best Biller for your Practice, or Increase Efficiency in Your RCM Process


We represent multiple medical billing services that don't just collect the easy money. Software tools and process improvement to increase profitability.  

Pre Authorization Services


Outsource your benefit determinations and pre- authorizations. Lower cost, faster responses, better documentation. CPT driven to eliminate guesswork and missteps.